Optimizing my social media time and effort

I literally just erased a blog I began writing about how much value I derive from my social media experience. The tone was decidedly pessimistic. I mentioned in an earlier posting that I’m a bit of a neophyte when it comes to social media specifically and technology in general. As much as I find it interesting I don’t ever seem to devote enough time to it to really get a grasp on what’s the most current and potentially revolutionary trend. This all begged the question ‘What tools exist to make this easier for me?”. I figured I needed to educate myself before completely giving up on social media.

I started out on Mashable.  I then turned to Wired. Again, not what I was looking for. Solution: Google. A quick search later I ended up at REELSEO.com, an online video marketing guide. From there it didn’t take me long to find a posting on Rockmelt, a web browser currently in beta testing that blends web browsing with social media. This, to me, is an ingenious answer to a paradox that I only recently identified.

Social media is a double-edge sword. There’s a finite amount of time in the day. I have to prioritize what time I do have to maximize my productivity. Technology has typically been a relatively low rung on that time allocation ladder. I believe this is the reason… and the crux of that social-media sword to which I alluded.

1)      I want to be part of the social media movement. I want to feel connected.

2)      There’s so much information that I don’t know how to filter it. I feel overwhelmed by it.

When I consider my options in dealing with these points I find the easiest path to follow is that of abstention. It’s the perfect solution really. And I don’t think I’m the only one to have these feelings about social media, because there are obviously many levels of social media savvy. For every techno-geek out there, for every professional for whom social media is of vital importance to their career, there are thousands of me, the ‘ambivalents’.  Now of course there are those that truly just don’t care but I’d have to argue that a lot of people do.

Back to Rockmelt, a web browser that organizes all of your social media proclivities in tabs (in the same way that traditional web browsers organize different browsing windows that you have open). From what I gather (based solely on a promotional video from the Rockmelt website, I’ll admit), the Rockmelt platform is a lot more intuitive. I just can’t believe it’s taken somebody so long to develop something functional that can educate/appeal to/whatever to such a large segment of the population. So I signed myself up because ultimately I do want to understand and use social media; I’m just looking for a dumbed-down version that I can get my head around.


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